This one goes out to all the virgins. Your time will come.

Music video for Drove Through Ghosts by 65daysofstatic

Cool parents.

RHCP - I’m with You… Are you with them?

Any thoughts on this new album? Giving it a listen now, just in case they turn around and head back towards the Freaky Styley way.

PM if you want a copy.

Always love looking through my dad’s few belongings from his music days to motivate myself. I wish the music scene hadn’t warped into the shenanigans that they are today.

m83 on a redbull commercial?

Just heard an m83 track on a redbull commercial. Any ideas what track that is? It’s been a while, but it sounds like it was either on Dead Seas.. or an early album.

Hit me up if you know!


Remix of Foster the People’s Punked Up Kids by Butch Clancy. [dubstep]


Patti Smith channels Bob Dylan.

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Need a Google Music Beta Invite?

2 left. Shoot me a message or reply for one.

Eno is god.

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Anyone need any Google Music Beta invites?

Hit me up if you need a Google Music invite! Have 3 available.

Google music lets you upload and access 20,000 mp3s from anywhere on the web, using your account and their storage cloud. Automatically sorts by Artists, Albums (w/ arts), and has the ability to make playlists.

Listen on the go!

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